Spin a Good Story

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. It doesn’t matter how many stories you know. What’s important is selecting the right one for your crowd. Choose the one that best reflects their mood.

BE YOURSELF. Every story has a little bit of you in it, because you chose it. Tell one that you really enjoy and are itching to share.

TAKE RISKS. Storytelling is an organic art. Don’t be afraid to play with the style and delivery of your story, even in the middle of a performance. Do you want it to be comic or reflective? Linear or Tarantino-style?

LISTEN. It’s the only way to connect with your audience, learn new stories, and improve your skills.

BREATHE. Work on your own breathing, posture, and gestures. A lot of storytellers move too quickly because they’re nervous. Make every move deliberate.

DON’T PRACTICE BY YOURSELF. Professional storytellers improve delivery by rehearsing in front of many different people.

Source unknown.