BHAG 1.0 Process outline

Are you a public library stepping up to participate in this initiative?

Here are the steps:

1. Identify a staff liaison. Then send the name of that person to Jamie LaRue. Do this by the end of March, 2010.

2. Find non-library employees (the "advocates") who are (a) really good speakers, and (b) passionate about libraries. Ask them if they would be willing to deliver a 5-20 minute talk five times to various groups in their community. They have a couple of other responsibilities: to give the talks (using this script and based on these training videos), and to fill out a report after each talk. Do this by the end of March, 2010, too.

3. Pick 5 groups -- and one hopes they are not the same people meeting five different times! -- willing to let the advocate address them. Those talks should happen between April and June of 2010. Book these groups on behalf of the advocate. This is also by the end of March.

4. Print out for the advocate enough copies of the postcard for each anticipated audience. Have these ready before each scheduled talk.

5. Show up at the session to field any questions the advocate didn't anticipate.

There might be one other step, between 2 and 3: book a time for your advocate to deliver the talk in front of library staff. There are two reasons for this. First, it gives the advocate a chance to practice. Second, it lets the staff know that there is a local hero, speaking up on the library's behalf. Applause is in order.

Questions? Post them here.